Arena 13 Extract

Imagine a world where the bodies of those taken are sometimes found drained of blood; a world where those abducted in the night sometimes do return but without their minds.

Imagine a world where everybody knows who has done this and knows where the killer is to be found but nobody dare do anything about it.

This is Midgard the world of Arena 13.

After a cataclysmic war, defeated human survivors have been imprisoned behind a barrier of mist and fear by the myriad shape-shifting djinn who now rule the world. But one of these creatures, Hob, dwells in a citadel above the city and preys upon its inhabitants taking both blood and souls.

 Sometimes Hob visits Arena 13 and a human combatant is chosen to fight him. Everyone fears being selected because it means certain death – but one trainee, who is only just beginning to learn the skills necessary to fight in the arena, longs for the chance to confront Hob in combat.

His name is Leif and he seeks revenge for the death of his parents.