May 2015

I have just sent Draft Four of the second book in ‘The New Darkness’ Series to my editor. It still needs some work and I don’t want to give too much away. However, Alice returns and plays a major part in the narrative. The book still hasn’t been named but here are a few possibilities:

The Final Winter

The Earth Witch

The Return of Alice

I will let you know what we decide. Once that decision is made work will begin to develop the cover.  The current release date is Feb/March 2016 and I apologise to those of you who feel that is a long wait.  However there is a new book on the horizon that I hope will help with the wait.  Arena 13 is the first in a new fantasy series out in June. 

I travel to the TBS warehouse near Colchester on Thursday to sign a thousand copies of a special edition. I still haven’t seen a copy of the book yet so I am looking forward to it. At present I am putting together the basis of a new presentation for schools. I will always spend some time talking about Spooks books but added to that will be information and images about Arena 13 – for example, when I wrote the first version and the source of the ideas. The book is published on June 4th this year and that month I’ll be very busy. The first two weeks will be spent visiting local schools and bookshops in Lancashire but later we go down to Kent and London. Once available we will publish a list of events on this site.

As well as all that I still have to carry on writing to keep up my two books a year schedule. Yesterday ‘A new Darkness’ Book Two Draft Four was finished; today I am working on Arena 13 Book Two.

Best wishes,

Joseph Delaney