April blog

I did a signing and gave a talk at Garstang Library on Thursday, April 22nd, where I did my first ever reading from the next Spook’s adventure. I had to use the manuscript because I don’t have a copy of the book yet. The event was arranged by Mary Wynburg from the Corner Bookshop.  

I enjoy this type of occasion because you get a good audience mixture which usually includes new readers, existing fans of the books, children and adults. This was no exception and the visit went well. I will be doing events with Mary during ‘The Spook’s Nightmare Tour’ in June. I will also be visiting her shop late in May to sign the latest book for customers.

The following day I was at the Darwen Aldridge Community College as guest of the librarian, Janet Arnott. I was interviewed by two well-informed students who had devised some excellent questions; that interview and the subsequent talk were both filmed for other students to watch.

My writing is still going well. Within two weeks I hope to get Draft One of Spook’s Eight (it still hasn’t got a title yet!) to my editor and I can then devote the whole of my attention to the Alice Book (provisionally titled ‘The Alice Deane Diaries’).

The emails to Grimalkin, via the Spooksworld website are becoming more frequent. I must apologize if she has made threats against anyone. I would like to reassure you and say she doesn’t mean it but that wouldn’t be true. She is often in a witchy mood, pondering her next kill, and takes offence very easily. I have had to intervene on at least two occasions when she was searching for the location of those readers in a mirror and getting ready to sharpen her knives. So please don’t threaten her. I have little control over her now and it’s getting worse.

Once again in response to many enquiries I have to admit that I have no further news of the film. I know that some of you have expressed an interest in playing the parts of either Alice or Tom. If open auditions are held I will immediately advertise that on both websites.

Best wishes,

Joseph Delaney