Tour Blog 3

Tuesday 1st June: LIBRARY DAY 

Today was organized by Tony, the manager of Pritchard’s Bookshop, Formby. I visited and gave talks and signings at three libraries: Maghull, Crosby and Birkdale. It was a chance to meet and thank librarians such as Leslie and Zoe who are great supporters of the series as well as readers who have read ‘Spooks Stories’ right from the very beginning. So I really enjoyed the day.

  As you know you can email me directly on www.spooksworld.co.uk. I recently received an email from a librarian who wanted me to feature a librarian in my books to counter the usual stereotype. She wanted me to write about a young attractive fashionable librarian with green eyes! As you know I do not plan my books in much detail but use a big envelope into which I stuff pieces of paper, each with an idea that will feature in a future book. So I decided to use such a librarian in Book Nine (which I will start to write just before Christmas this year). Yes, the Spook and Tom will encounter her soon. Yesterday I met the librarian in question. Her name is Kirsty and her picture is featured here.

On tour with me is Linda, my international publicist, who actually lives in New Zealand and has flown to England to join me on ‘The Spook’s Nightmare Tour’. Here is a photo of us visiting one of the great sights of the Lancashire coastline – the ‘Iron Men’ sculptures which are positioned on the beach. Here you just see one but there are lots of them!

Best wishes,

Joseph Delaney