Under Pressure

I’m feeling under pressure at the moment and some deadlines have had to be adjusted slightly. I now have until the end of December to complete Draft One of ‘Spook’s Stories: Grimalkin’ . It is still on schedule for publication on October 2011 and I am really happy with it although my editor will probably want to tone it down a little. She kills a lot of people (Grimalkin not my editor!). Mind you, most of them deserve it!

‘The Spook’s Destiny’ is very close to the end of its final draft and that should go off soon. I have just seen the first version of the cover. With reference to the new covers my favourite has always been ‘The Spook’s Mistake’ with its use of the colour green and the two demon dogs (who are really those nice working dogs, Tooth and Claw, who love scoffing the raw hearts of the witches slain by their master, Bill Arkwright). Now I prefer the cover of ‘Destiny’. 

 I still haven’t begun Book Nine yet. Having always started each book before Christmas I cannot afford to change! Maybe if I don’t I’ll run out of ideas and the series will come to a premature end.

I took a week’s holiday in Fuerteventura recently. It was really hot and I got my nose and lips sunburnt (which is not a good idea; I should be like those sensible Australian cricketers and use lots of sun-block). Although I didn’t take my computer I had a notebook with me and managed to write a few thousand words mostly on Grimalkin and a new short story that I am writing for Charlie Sheppard of Anderson Press. It will be between 5,000 and 8,000 words long and is provisionally titled ‘The Castle Ghosts’, the inspiration for it being my visit to Lancaster Castle when I was shown the dungeon where they kept the Pendle Witches. It will be published as part of an anthology of ghost stories, probably to be called ‘Hauntings’.

On my return from holiday I was shocked by the cold weather conditions, which brings me to two competitions.  (these competitions are now closed.)        

Best wishes,

Joseph Delaney