Spook's finale

Who will live and who will die?

This is the year that the final book in the ‘Wardstone Chronicles’ series is published. So far the book hasn’t even got a title (my working title is ‘Spooks 13’) but it is almost complete. I have just finished Draft 3. We expect the book to be published in early December.
But first, on June 6th, ‘Alice’ will be in the bookshops. This is Book 12 and very much part of the series. In it Alice visits the dark in an attemp to retrieve the ‘Dolorous Blade’. We also have an extended flashback into Alice’s past which should throw up a few surprises for some readers and fully explain the greatest threat to Alice.
 I will be on tour in June visiting schools, bookshops and libraries. 

best wishes
Joseph Delaney