January 2011

A short review of 2010!

It was a great year and I enjoyed writing ‘The Spook’s Destiny’ which will be published in June 2011.

Other highlights were the visits to New Zealand and Australia to promote the Spook’s books in those countries. I actually celebrated New Year 2010 in Auckland.

In England, in addition to the writing, I spent two intense months (June and October) talking to school, bookshop and library audiences, working six days a week (bookshops like you to do events on Saturdays when there are usually lots of customers). I was particularly pleased by the October publication of ‘The Spook’s Bestiary’. It spent quite a few years in development and was made really special by the drawings of the artist, Yulek Heller. I think it’s a great companion to the series and hope it will be available for years to come!

I was also very pleased to see the launch and further development of my own website (www.spooksworld.co.uk) to run alongside the official Random House site (www.spooksbooks.com).

What have I missed the most this year? The answer has to be the Borders Bookshop in Deepdale, Preston (the chain went into administration on 26th Nov 2009). I have many happy memories of doing events there. Members of staff were very enthusiastic and proactive, actively encouraging writers to talk to school groups in the shop. It is sad that so many good booksellers lost their jobs; the good news is that some of them are back working with books again.

I made lots of visits to Waterstone’s shops, all over Lancashire and beyond. I can’t pick out my favourite shops but they know who they are; I go there every year to sign – sometimes more than once. Then, of course, there are the local independent bookshops who arrange lots of school visits for me: Formby Books and  Silverdell of Kirkham. 

My hopes for 2011!

It would be great to get the film made but I’m not holding my breath!

I’m looking forward to visiting New Zealand and Australia again in the Spring.

I’ve not been to the USA on tour for almost three years now and feel overdue a visit. I’d also like to go back to France and Romania at some point. One new country I’d particularly to see is Brazil. The books seem to be doing quite well there and I get a lot of emails from Brazilian readers. Japan is also another country on my wish-list!

As for the books, I am really looking forward to seeing ‘The Spook’s Stories: Grimalkin’ published in October. I’ve just finished the first draft and it was fun to write. I am also in the early stages of writing Spook’s Nine and I have a really good feeling about it – it’s going well. We are back in the County but the threat is from overseas. The word ‘strigoi’ comes to mind ....

Best wishes,

Joseph Delaney.