Happy New Year 2014

BLOG: February 2014

I began my blog last year by saying 2013 would be a busy year with ‘The Wardstone Chronicles’ coming to an end and ‘Seventh Son’ out in January 2015.
Half of that at least was true. The series came to an end with the final book ‘The Spook's Revenge’ published in December. I won't spoil it for those that haven't read it yet but I hope I tied up all the loose ends (at least all that I wanted to) but also left the reader guessing a little.

I often get asked whether I was sorry to see the series come to an end. Maybe I am hard-hearted but I did not find it emotional writing 'Revenge' because it is not really the last book. There are going to be at least three more spooks books before we say a final goodbye. There is a short extract of ‘A New Darkness’ at the back of ‘The Spooks Revenge’. Basically it begins with Tom being the new Chippenden Spook. So please read that to get an idea of what the new series is like. There is a new threat and it will take all Tom’s strength and courage plus the help of Grimalkin to deal with it. I know that some readers were not happy with the way the book ended but the story of Tom and Alice is not over yet.  

In November and December I was on a ‘Revenge' promotional tour in the Lake District (with Elaine and Sue from ‘Silverdell’ books in Kirkham) and in London with a host of other excellent booksellers.  It was very busy with at least two events every day with big audiences that were as always enthusiastic and appreciative.  It was nice to meet some readers that had been with the series from the beginning, some who had started recently and read all the books and others who are just at the beginning of the series but I hope will continue. I would like to thank all the teachers and librarians that welcomed us into their school, the book sellers and of course the children who provided me with thought provoking and interesting questions. 

The Film (‘Seventh Son’)
Due to a change in the commercial relationship between Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros, ‘Seventh Son’ has experienced another delay in its journey to the big screen.  Universal are the new distributors and they decided they wanted more time to promote it, so the release date has changed from January 2014 to February 2015!  So rather than touring the US and Canada and France as I had hoped I have to spend the winter in the UK. At least it has meant I am ahead of my deadlines and can relax a bit, but don't tell Random House, they will give me something else to do.
So it is another year of anticipating the film, a tour in June to promote ‘The New Darkness’ and hopefully some sun. 
Additionally I am writing a new Science Fiction series for children/young adults. The first of that Trilogy will be published in June 2015.
Oh! I almost forgot. I have just written another short Spook’s spin-off book which is provisionally titled ‘The Pig Witch’. It features ‘Will Johnson’ one of the early boys apprenticed to John Gregory and Snout, the pig butcher (he appeared as an adult in ‘The Spook’s Apprentice’) when he was a boy. It is one of the darkest spooks adventures I have ever written. It’s put me off bacon forever. I’ll just have to eat crumbly Lancashire cheese!

All the best for 2014
Joseph Delaney