Foreign books

The Wardstone Chronicles Series has sold to twenty-four countries in translation. Most of these have used the covers and artwork from the UK editions but there are few notable exceptions. So here I would like to show you a few from publishers who have attempted something different

Firstly look at the Japanese cover for The Spook’s Apprentice. I really like the way that Tom is running hard to keep up with John Gregory whilst carrying his heavy bag and almost stumbling over his own feet!

The second is one of the internal Japanese illustrations. This in the moment when Tom and John Gregory visit Horshaw to visit the haunted house where Tom is to be tested to see if he is fit to become the Spook’s apprentice. I think it captures the location perfectly and the way the miners have crossed to the other side of the road to avoid walking close to a spook!

The next cover is from Russia and we can see how each culture changes the interpretation of the spook. Here once again he appears more a wizard (an orb in his hand and an owl on his shoulder) with magical powers than a spook who fights the dark with the practical skills of his trade. I like it though – it’s great artwork.

Finally to finish, back to the UK. This has got to be one of the best of the new style covers so far. Here is ‘I am Grimalkin’ the book which is published by Random in October 2011. Note – this is not a spin-off! Told by grimalkin this is the next instalment of the main narrative that leads us into Spook’s Nine.

Next look at the cover art from Portugal to illustrate their edition of ‘The Spook’s Curse’. I really like the depiction of the Bane – it’s brilliant although the artist really couldn’t resist making the staff glow as if it is a magic wand!

The Americans do things their own way and have high production values. Patrick Arrasmith is the artist and his cover for ‘A Coven of Witches’ (Apart from the absence of the Grimalkin story this is identical to the UK book ‘Spook’s stories: Witches’) captures perfectly the moment when the Fiend appears in the flames during a very special witches’ Sabbath that will be long remembered by the Deane Clan. So vivid is it that you can almost hear Grimalkin running to attack, her blades at the ready!