August 2014

As far as anybody can be sure the film, ‘SEVENTH SON’ is still scheduled for UK release in February 2015.

In December 2014 ‘The Seventh Apprentice’ will be published in e-book form only. I have set this new story (it is about a third of the length of the other Spooks books) earlier in John Gregory’s career. At this point he has trained six boys and only one has qualified as a spook. The others either ran away or were killed. Now his seventh apprentice, Will Johnson, turns out to be very lazy and is in danger of being sent back to his father. However, he is about to face a very dangerous opponent. The original title of the story was ‘The Pig Witch’.

 In January 2015 the film tie-in book will be published. This will have an image from the film on the cover (probably Jeff Bridges) but will contain the first two books in the series (‘The Spook’s Apprentice’ and ‘The Spook’s Curse’).The target audience is, of course, new readers. 
For those who haven’t read the first book (hardback) in the new Spook’s Series (‘A New Darkness’) the paperback will be published in February 2015.

Now we come to what is for me the most exciting thing of all (even more than the film) – it is the publication in June 2015 of the first book in my new Science Fiction series. I can’t even tell you the title at this stage. But I can show you one thing. Remember how each Spook’s book had an epigraph? It began with ‘The highest point in the County is marked by mystery’. So here is the epigraph of the new SF book.  

The dead do dream.
They dream of the world of Nym and twist hopelessly
Within its dark labyrinths,
Seeking that which they can never reach.
But for a few, a very few, a wurde is called.
It is a wurde that summons them again to life.
Cursed are the twice-born.

 Amabramsum: the Genthai Book of Wisdom

Trust me that isn’t a spelling mistake! Wurde is far different than word. I’ll tell you more next blog.

Best wishes,

Joseph Delaney