The Spook's Series and Mythology

I get a few comments from readers who are unhappy with my use of mythology in the series. One librarian/teacher from the USA pointed out that Pan was a Greek god but I had used him in Ireland (where he was summoned by the goat mages). Another Romanian reader took issue because my usage of their entities did not correspond to the version he considered correct.

The truth is that I change existing mythology (whether Greek, Romanian or English) and bend it to suit the needs of my story-telling; it is transformed to suit the requirements of the Spook’s world which has its own developing mythology. That mythology is to be found in ‘The Spook’s Bestiary’, which is a sort of illustrated ‘dictionary’ or ‘encyclopaedia’ .

Recently after discussing that book with my publisher it was agreed that the ‘Bestiary’ would be expanded at some point. As the story continues, Tom and John Gregory are learning new things. These will be added before the next edition is published (probably soon after the last book in October 2013).

I have just finished proof-reading ‘The Spook’s Blood’ and soon it will go off to the printers. Within that book, we meet many Romanian entities: ‘Moroii’, ‘Strigoii’,’Strigoca’,  Romanian witches and something so dark and powerful it could obliterate any one of them in an instant. But please don’t expect those creatures to conform to what is described in the existing mythology. This is a Spook’s story and it will be different!

I am still working on ‘Slither’ (to be published October 2012) and have written about a quarter of ‘Alice’ (to be published June 2013). So I am very busy. Despite that I am going on holiday next week to Cyprus but I will be taking my laptop with me so I can write for a few hours each day.

Another thing I am hoping to do this year is visit the film set in Vancouver in either April or May. This might be combined with a short USA book tour. We shall see. I’m crossing my fingers!

Best wishes,

Joseph Delaney