Bill's Duck Pie

Many of you have have expressed surprise even disappointment at the outcome of The Spooks Revenge. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t read that far but in response to the question why I chose that ending, a story has its own momentum and natural direction and I am not prepared to force a happy ending onto a book just to make everything cosy and nice. The truth is that life isn't like that anyway for most people.

However the story of Tom and Alice is not over yet and you do not yet know the real reason for the behaviour of Alice. In the next series, in the second book, Alice returns. I promise nothing but we shall find out why things happened the way they did. I also am interested to see what happens!

There have also been questions regarding the delay between A New Darkness and the release of Book 2 in The Starblade Chronicles.  The second book is not out until Feb/March 2016. It is a delay that is beyond my control and is due to scheduling around the film release, which as far as we know is now out in February 2015.  I understand this is a long wait between books but I hope that you will be placated by the release in 2015 of my new science fiction book.  Again, I can say very little about it for fear of something similar coming out at the same time (but there isn’t a spook in sight). This is an idea that I have been sitting with for a long time, I first created the world of the SF book in 1992. It is something that I have kept returning to. It is far older and more complex than the world of the Spook and it is very exciting for me to finally get the chance to develop it.  Watch this space for more information.

A few months have passed since my tour in June to promote A New Darkness. As always we covered a lot of territory and faced large and enthusiastic audiences. On the last day of the tour In the company of Naomi  a bookseller from Heffers in Cambridge, we visited Bassingbourn Village College  in Bassingbourn. After my talk, as usual, I answered questions from the audience, some of which are predictable. For example I am often asked ‘Which Spook’s book is your favourite?’ or ‘Do you enjoy writing?’. Occasionally, a question takes me by surprise and the answer does not come easily to my lips.

‘What is your favourite pie?” one boy asked.

I thought it might be a steak pie and that was my answer but, in truth, I wasn’t sure.

Afterwards it worried me. I’d lived on this earth for many years (that’s another question I sometimes get asked – ‘How old are you?’) and still hadn’t made up my mind what my favourite pie is. Fortunately the answer was soon within my grasp. We went into Cambridge for lunch and decided to eat at Bills.

There were pies on the menu and I chose one. It was delicious.

Now I have the answer.

Bill’s Duck Pie is my favourite.

On the next tour I will be ready for a repeat of that question.

The thirteenth person to ask about my pie preference will receive a free copy of my latest book.

We will be counting carefully!